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Our Philosophy

Each and every item that Battle Mug produces is made in America, by Americans.
This commitment means that we seek out hard working American small/family businesses to partner with.

Each one of our partner/providers are family owned (most over multiple generations) which means
every sale we make helps support an American family and their workforce's pursuit of the American Dream.

We realize that we live in a global economy, so we would be naive to think that we can
totally insulate ourselves from foreign goods.

That being said; Battle Mug is committed to being part of the SOLUTION, and not part of the problem!
Thanks for your support!

Battle Mug® is protected by U.S. Patents:



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Note:  Show your Battle Mug some love!  Hand Wash Only.
All aluminum anodized products, including cookware and eating utensils should be cleaned using a mild detergent and warm water.  The use of automatic dishwashers should be avoided because the dishwasher detergents are very high in alkalinity (Calgon pH 9.9; Electrasol and Finish pH 11). Strong alkaline solutions are used to strip anodic coatings and in time will permanently damage the anodized finish.   

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